Why Spotlite?

As parents we want our kids to be tech savvy, but not at the expense of their safety and well being.We created Spotlite to give parents the easy-to-use tools they need to understand and promote healthy behaviors online.

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Start Simple

Spotlite starts running once it’s plugged in and on your network. No messing with complicated content filters, DNS services or router hardware is required.

Get Informed

For the wifi devices you set up, Bryte can tell you what sites your kids visited, apps and data they’ve used, and how much time they’ve spent online.

Take Control

Spotlite offers suggestions on what is right for your kids, and lets you turn on and off Internet access to encourage healthy behaviors.

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Our Team

Spotlite was created by parents like you who know about the challenging technology can present in the home. We’ve focused our energy on giving every parent the insight they need to bring up healthy and happy kids.

Jason Doe

User experiences

Timothy Clark

Web developer

Vicky Tan

Web designer